Student Support

Oh Snap Food Pantry

How can we help?  Our HSU community is here to help you navigate campus life.

Dean of Students

The Office of the Dean of Students and our affiliated programs look forward to working with our students and promoting their success by providing advocacy, support, and services to meet their needs.

Phone: (707) 826-3504
Location: Siemens Hall 211

CARE – Campus Assistance, Response, and Engagement

Phone: (726) 826-3504
Location: Siemens Hall 211

Academic & Career Advising Center

Phone: (707) 826-3341
Location: Gist Hall 114

The Learning Center

Phone: (707) 826-5217
Location: Library, Room 56

Health Education

Phone: (707) 826-5228
Location: Recreation and Wellness Building Room 123

Student Health and Wellbeing Services

Phone: (707) 826-3146
Location: 1 Plaza Ave (Library Circle)

Counseling and Psychological Services

(CAPS) provides personal and group counseling as well as crisis services for regularly enrolled and IELI students. Counseling/crisis services are available by phone during non-business hours (weekends/evenings).

Phone: (707) 826-3236
Location: Student Health Center, 2nd floor

Brain Booth

Provides a variety of de-stressing activities, coloring, biofeedback, and guided meditation.

Phone: (707) 826-3431
Location: Library, Room 208

Title IX

If you have a complaint against an HSU student or employee for sexual harassment, sex discrimination, or sexual assault, you should contact the Title IX Coordinator.

Phone: (707) 826-3626
Location: Siemens Hall 211

HSU's Campus Advocate Team

Provides 24-hour confidential support for survivors of sexualized violence including stalking, sexual assault, and intimate partner violence.

Phone: (707) 445-2881

Safety Escorts and Courtesy Phones

Safety escorts are available on campus 24/7 from the University Police.

Phone: (707) 826-5555

Safety App

Safety app Rave Guardian may be downloaded to your phone via the University Police.

Phone: (707) 826-5555
Location: UPD

24/7 Housing Staff

Student and professional staff are available 24/7 via the Office of Housing and Residence Life.

Phone: (707) 826-3451
Location: JGC

Homeward Bound

The Homeward Bound Bus Charter Program provides students with discounted round-trip transportation from Arcata directly to San Francisco or Los Angeles.

Phone: (707) 826-3451

Short Term Loans

Short-term emergency loans are available.

Phone: (707) 826-4407
Location: Cashier’s Office SBS 285

OhSnap! Student Food Programs

Campus Food Pantry provides food for students in need.

Phone: (707) 826-4556
Location: Recreation and Wellness Center, Room 122

Housing-Living Off Campus

Housing & Residence Life put together a guide to help you make your decision; from making a good impression on landlords to getting your security deposit back.

Phone: (707) 826-5509

Check IT

To check in; To intervene; To do something when we witness potential harm (sexual assault, dating violence, stalking).

Phone: (707) 826-5235
Location: Rec & Wellness Center, Room 122A